• The Cinematic Orchestra

    The Cinematic Orchestra comes back after 12 years with an outstanding album “To Believe”. It is one of the most influential British bands in last two decades, set up by Jason Swinscoe, co-formed in last years also by Dominic Smith. They established their own unique style, intersecting jazz melancholy, suggestiveness of film soundtracks and modern electronic production. Since their landmark debut “Motion”, the band sold thousands of LPs, while their most popular song “To Build a Home” was played in music streaming platforms over 250,000 times. The composition is also perfectly known to all “Orange Is The New Black” series fans. On the other hand “Arrival Of the Birds” can be heard in the Oscar-awarded film “Theory of Everything”.

  • fisz emade

    Fisz Emade Tworzywo

    Fisz Emade Tworzywo is one of the major bands on Polish music scene. Since 2001, they released 10 albums, all orbiting around hip-hop or eclectic fusions with other close genres. They were also the first on the polish hip-hop scene, who introduced soft sounds and lyrics erstwhile alluding to Native Tongues climates. From that moment up to now, the brothers have been still experimenting, always trying to bring high quality and involvement. Last March we saw the premiere of their latest LP, titled “Radar”.

  • jacob banks

    Jacob Banks

    Born in Nigeria, Jacob Banks emigrated with his family to UK when he was 13 years old. He started his music career by releasing an EP, called “The Monologue”, in 2013. Later on he released also two other EP’s, received particularly well: “The Paradox” and the “The Boy Who Cried Freedom”. In November 2018 we witnessed the premiere of his long-anticipated debut album – “Village”. We can hear there many different music styles, mainly R&B, jazz, blues, while his deep baritone gives his listeners shivers. The album was created in cooperation with many experienced and talented producers, such as Paul Epworth (Adele, James Bay, FKA Twigs) or Malay (Frank Ocean, Sam Smith, Lorde) and was received brilliantly by both the critics and the fans.

  • PRO8L3M 

    PROBL3M is a phenomenon, which simply can’t be passed by indifferently. From its debut in 2013 every next album goes platinum, thrilling new sets of listeners. Their gigs are being regularly sold out, filling in the largest concert halls in Poland. PROBL3M is one of the biggest phenomena in last few years. The duo moves and unites various audiences – from hip-hop fans, ending on alternative music lovers. Oskar’s gripping, lyrical concepts joined with Steez’ musical explorations is a combination that always gives birth to some creative concepts, both in musical and substantive layers.

  • The Dumplings

    The Dumplings’ brilliant debut in 2013 caught the attention of the major record labels in Poland. The band has already played hundreds of concerts, both on showcase festivals, such as: Liverpool Sound City, The Great Escape in Brighton or Europavox in France, as well as during regular festivals in Poland and abroad: Off Festival, Grape Festival, Open’er, Colours of Ostrava or Hungarian Sziget. The Dumplings performed also in Tokio, Paris, London, Mexico City and at the legendary festival for young talents – SXSW in Austin, Texas. In 2018 their third album was released, titled “Raj”. The album is maintained in the band’s typical style, however the whole composition sounds much more maturely.


    Faces hidden under the masks constitute only a prelude to a fantastic story titled BOKKA – a story about a band, who didn’t need any names to create a unique identity as for Polish music scene standards. Arriving from nowhere in 2013, with their single “Town of Strangers”, they quickly became one of the brightest spots on the Polish musical map. Unusual attitude to both their own image, as well as music composition, which can be heard e.g. in extraordinary instrumentation, has quickly became their trademark. In April 2018 BOKKA released their third album, titled “Life on Planet B”.

  • Kamp!

    Kamp! is one of the major electronic bands in Poland. They started their adventure from sharing their music for free in the web. In 2012, we witnessed the release of their debut album, simply titled “KAMP!”. The LP was received incredibly well. Now the band performs regularly at foreign festivals and showcase events. They have been on tours e.g. in the U.S. and Great Britain, as well Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2018, band’s third album was released. “Dare” has been enthusiastically acclaimed by press and is extremely popular in music streaming platforms.

  • WhoMadeWho

    Dynamic Danish trio, which evolves for almost 20 years, experimenting with different sounds, creating a unique combination of pop, indie, techno, disco and funk. Their energetic songs grip the concerts’ audiences all over the world. Tomas Barfood, Tomas Høffding and Jeppe Kjellberg released six albums by now. The last one is titled “Through the Walls” and it was released in 2018. April 2019 brought the premiere of DJ SET “WATERGATE 26”, released within a cult series at one of
    the Berlin clubs.

  • Rosalie.

    Her music work comes as the result of various individual searches for the answer to the widely explored trends in contemporary rnb music, deriving from classic hip-hop and new electronic. Her first LP was released in January 2019, comprising crème de la crème of the polish independent stage. It’s the collaboration with them, as well as the time spent with Envee, which allowed Rosalie to create a cohesive, emotional album, which was received particularly well by journalists and the audience. The beginning of 2019 was the beginning of her work at new record, as well as nomination to Olśnienia Onetu Award (together with Kasia Nosowska and Behemoth).

  • EABS 

    EABS is a septet from Wrocław, which continues the tradition of Polish jazz school, eluding many sounding schemes concurrently and presenting a completely authorial attitude to old musical standards. They proved it on their debut album “Repetitions (Letters to Krzysztof Komeda)”, being a tribute to lesser-known part of Komeda’s output. After the album’s success, the formation released two more vinyl albums and played several dozen of concerts in Poland and abroad. In 2019 their authorial album, titled “Slavic Spirit’s”, will be released. It will be inspired by the famous “Słowiańska Melancholia”, which according to the band, may conceal their own DNA.

  • Oscar Jerome

    Rising through London’s rich and kaleidoscopic musical community, Norfolk-born Oscar Jerome has continued to stand out amongst the city’s colourful sonic tapestry – finding a welcome home amongst like-minded peers. Oscar Jerome straddles a variety of musical lanes that reflect his broad musicality, one that pools together his virtuosic guitar playing and influences from the world of jazz, funk, soul and hip-hop.

  • Kasia Lins

    Kasia Lins is a vocalist, pianist, composer and text author. She debuted in 2018 with her LP, titled “Wiersz Ostatni”. The record is full of characteristic, gripping vocal content, stereo guitars and emotional texts. Close atmosphere and cinematographic mood of her music can be witnessed particularly during the concerts. The songs were co-written by Michał Lange and Karol Łakomiec. Michał Lange is also responsible for the production, just as Marcin Bors. The artist was nominated to Fryderyk 2019 Awards in two categories: Alternative Pop Album of the Year and Author of the Year.

  • Kroki

    Kroki constitutes an interesting resultant of three music worlds. The band is created by a producer – Szatt, vocalist Jaq Merner and bassist Paweł Stachowiak. They take inspirations from jazz, soul and indie rock, all complemented by experimental electronic and characteristic front man’s voice. Kroki create a cohesive whole in terms of its sounding. Their debut material is a perfect example of what we can expect when three artistic individualities met with each other. EP, titled “Stairs”, released in 2016 delighted with sound, harmony and emotions. April 2019 brought a single called “Balon”, foreshadowing the newest album of the band, which will be premiered in June 2019.


    Skarby constitutes a unique, retro-futuristic soundtrack of the city. Submerged in a deep tradition of polish popular, jazz and big beat music, but also deriving from outdoor sounds, samples from newsreels and cinematography fragments. In 2018 they released their debut LP, titled “Wisła Skarbów”. For the fans of Jon Hopkins, Irena Santor, Bonobo or Jerzy Milian.

  • AGIM

    Agim Dżeljilji is one of the most experienced electronic music producers in Poland. He spent recent years on collaborating with Igor Pudło and Janek Młynarskim, creating together a project called Nervy. Today he continues this concept solo, supported by a wind section, which performed live at Berlin’s cult Berghain. AGIM is also a producer, often becoming a remixer, working on Novika, Hey or Baasch compositions. In 2017 he decided to try his luck solo – his debut EP “Votilla” was released. The next one is planned for 2019. AGIM is also responsible for producing the popular remix of “Wszystko, czego dziś chce”, recorded together with Brodka, for “Rojst” TV series.

  • flirtini


    Flirtini, created by Jedynak (World Wide Warsaw) and Ment XXL (Rasmentalism) produce, remix and concert together at major festivals and club scenes across Poland for the last 7 years, often being the record-breakers in terms of attendance. They are a music publishing company known mostly from “Hearbeats & Promises” compilation, promoting urban music. Its fourth edition was premiered in April 2018, hosting many guests, just like previous ones. They cooperated with such artists like: Dawid Podsiadło, Mrozu, Piotr Zioła, Bitamina, Dawid Kwiatkowski, Otsochodzi, Rosalie, Klaudia Szafrańska, PlanBe or Ras.





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