• RY X

    Born in Australia and living in Los Angeles singer masterfully magnetizes and attracts the audience with his intense, passionate music. After the breakthrough success of the minimalist album “Berlin” in 2013, RY X’s concerts are selling out all over Europe, the United States and Australia. Raised in the coastal community of Angourie, he left home as a 17-year-old boy obsessed with grunge music with a surfboard under his arm. However, RY X feels great writing lyrics for both electronic beats as well as extremely delicate, acoustic and intimate songs to the sounds of an acoustic guitar, through composing psychedelic folk. “I feel responsible for never releasing an album devoid of authenticity, in which I would prefer commercial success to the willingness to communicate with my heart and the hearts of my audience emphasizes the artist. 


    Slinky. Stylish. Sexy. Balthazar’s newfound loucheness suits them well. If they had their alternative sound, they would be best expressed by songs from albums such as ‘Fever’ and the latest ‘Sand’ (2021). Thanks to this release the group has established itself as the king of alternative pop, which also reigns supreme in the border land of soul. The latest album (also created in part during the pandemic) is a kind of taking the first steps in unknown places, and perhaps this is where you can hear a breath of freshness, motivation and youthful energy, similar to the one that can be remembered back in 2010, when the group released the very first album called ‘Applause’. 


    Passion for eclecticism has always been at the heart of Saint Motel, a band founded by Jackson andguitarist Aaron Sharp: film-school classmates whose longtime friendship had its roots in a sharedappreciation of obscurist cinema and mutually adventurous musical tastes that include everythingfromImperial Teento Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, 2nd Movement. After bringing bass player Dak Lerdamornpong and drummer Greg Erwin into the fold, the band released their debut EP ForPlay in2009 and began hosting a series of ‘experiential concerts’ with such themes as Zombie Prom and Judgment Day. — ‘We just wanted to do what we could to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone, and give people some kind of big, crazy experience whenever they came to see us’ — says Jackson.   


    Since their first album has been published, the band was widely praised for Łona’s original style, sparkling with clever humor, witty word-play and punchlines, not to mention Webber’s compositions referring to various hip-hop styles, combining analog synthetic sounds with acoustic instruments. In 2017, Łona has been awarded the title of Youth Ambassador of the Polish Language by the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN). Throughout the years, he keeps on astonishing his listeners with the unique nature of his work starting with his artistic vision of phone call with God (the interpretation of this song was one of the topics for the Baccalaureate exam on Polish language), throughconversation’ with cuts (scratches based on fragments of other artiststracks), to rapping without the use of diacritical marks specific for Polish language, affecting the pronunciation (which was sort of a diss on the internet users who don’t use these marks properly). 


    Mery Spolsky’s artwork is so distinctive, that you cannot simply turn a blind eye to it. She writes her own lyrics, turns them into songs and provokes, making her audience think. Her lyrics are sincere and brave; her music is a merger of strong electro-techno beats and song-like melodies. She has already released two albums ‘Miło Było Pana Poznać’ (Nice to Have Met You) and ‘Dekalog Spolsky’ (Spolsky’s Decalogue). Mery Spolsky received three Fryderyk Awards nominations. Majority of her tours quickly became sold outs, her clips have been watched by millions of viewers on YouTube and other streaming services. She is famous for her energetic live performance and unique appearance. Her unique trademark is ‘Spolsky cross’ which brings help to lost souls and, of course, to her most faithful fans the Spolsky people.    


    Lime Cordiales infectious performances (including27 sold-out on their recent tour) and genuine interactions with their fans has made them one of Australias buzziest bands. In a watershed moment later the same year, Lime Cordiale chalked up an incredible eight ARIA Award nominations, making them the most nominated act of 2020 and landing them their debut ARIA Award for Best Breakthrough Artist. With over 1.5 million monthly listeners and upwards of 265 million streams on Spotify, over 22 million Apple Music streams, and YouTube views exceeding 15 million, the band is one of the hottest in Australia.  Their shows have been touted as ‘raucous by The AU Review, and ‘triumphanta therapeutic musical extravaganza guaranteed to cure those post lockdown hangovers’ by Beat.  

  • ZALIA 

    Zalia, or Julia Zarzecka, is a 21-year-old singer and songwriter. She is inspired by Soul/RnB and on her private playlist you may find Jorja Smith, Mahalia or Beabadoobee. You can hear clear influences of indie pop and lofi in her songs. Julia is mostly inspired by the diversity of big cities communities. If enering her world of inspirations, you would find yourself in a Wes Anderson-ish jazz club in London on a busy street during an evening jam session full of artistsOn a daily basis, Zalia studies Vocal performance and Songwriting at BIMM in London.  


    The band was founded by Amar Ziembiński, Mateusz Dopieralski (Vito Bambino) and Piotr Sibiński. Bitamine’s music is deeply rooted in the experimental hip-hop and sparkles with witty word games. The group has already released as many as five studio albums, with the latest one released in 2019 (entitledFlowers and Roots“). This is the first album where you can listen to both vocalists – Vito Bambino and Piotr Sibinski. Additionally, Moo Latte was invited to collaborate in the production of the album as well as guest appearances of Grubson and Jarecki.   


    Miętha’s line-up consists of rapper Skip and producer AWGS. The artists have known each other for six months before they started their collaboration and it took them six months to write and record their debut album “Audioportret“. The band style is fresh and distinctive, enriched by Skip’s vocal abilities (who performs surprisingly well, given his stage experience). As AWGS summarizes: “We wanted to create a project together that would enrich the Polish musical landscape and would inspire people to dig deeper in their sonic explorations. It is a sort of sonic experiment created thanks to our friendship, long conversations in the studio, liters of coffee and jars full of herbs.” 


    The Franc Moody duo is formed by Londoners Ned Franc and Jon Moody. Franc Moody’s music might be classified as contemporary funkfull of electronic sounds and pulsating grooves. It’s hugely inspired by such genres as disco and soul. As the artists say, their main benchmark is the music of Daft Punk and Jamiroquai.  In their short career, Franc Moody has shown the real craftsmanship in creating spectacular bangers such as “Dopamine” and “Dance Moves“, which have reached over 20 million views in streaming services.   


    Kid Francescoli is a French electro-pop project created by Mathieu Hocine in 2002. In 2009 he was joined by American singer Julia Minkin, and in 2013 their first joint album “With Julia” was released. It was promoted by the well-received single “Blow Up“. After 5 years, their second album “Play Me Again” was released and it was also warmly welcome by the public. The album includes Kid Francescoli’s biggest hit – “Moon” (over 18 million plays on Spotify). Two years after the worldwide success of “Play Me Again”, Mathieu Hocine returned to Marseille to start working on his new album.  At the end of January 2020, the longlplayLoversinspired by sunny Marseille was released 


    The Avalanches has been founded in 1997 by Robbie Chater and Tony Di Blasi. Their debut album “Since I Left You” (released in 2000) was based entirely on samples. The album’s production consisted of over 900 samples and helped to popularise the entirely new, collage approach to the music production. Their next album “Wildflower“, released 16 years later, was warmly welcome by fans all over the world. The Avalanches have left their mark on the modern music not only thanks to their studio albums, but also because of their mixtapes. They believe in the life-changing power of music. As they saytheir sets will always be joyful, energetic and festive eventswherever and whatever they play. Their highly acclaimed third LP “We Will Always Love You” was released on December 11, 2020. 


    A young French artist, since childhood sincerely passionate about music. At the age of 11 he started playing drums in a band, but soon decided to go for a solo career as his plan for the future.  Soon after that, he started to create his own music as Lewis OfMan. His first songs were recorded on an EP “Disconsolate”, which was shared on Bandcamp in September 2014. Throughout the following years, he focused mainly on  experiments, developing the material registered on the EP “Disconsolate” and preparing to release his first LP. Apart from that, OfMan has created numerous remixes for such bands as The Pirouettes, Hypnolove, Poom, Housse de Racket, Keziah Jones and Alt-J. In 2017, he released his second EP, “Yo Bene”, being widely described as representation of his own, fully developed musical language. Additionally, he still produces music for other artists.   


    Ania Leon is the young, Polish debutante. Her music has already caught the attention of many listeners and journalists with its eerie, dark electronic sounds and misterious lyrics. She started her career in Los Angeles, where she studied Vocal Performance at the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music. This year, she has already released two singles – “Łezki” (Teardrops) and “Tańcz” (Let’s dance). These singles are the sneek peak of Ania Leon’s debut album, which is scheduled for release in June this year. The songs on the album are arranged in a sultry vibe of dark pop. Ania Leon is strongly inspired by artists such as Banks, Billie Eilish, Lorde and Sevdaliza.   


    Piotr Zioła – vocalist, composer, songwriter, an extremely distinctive figure on the Polish music scene. Winner of the “Fryderyk” award for his debut album “Revolving Door”. Both singles from this album – “Safari” and “W ciemno”  became hits in radio charts. Piotr Zioła was invited to cooperate in various projects, he recorded and performed with such Polish artists as (among others) Rysy, Flirtini, Miuosh, Wojtek Mazolewski, The Dumplings and Albo Inaczej. The artist has performed at numerous festivals, including the Open’er Festival and the Kraków Live Festival. Pior Zioła’s new album release is scheduled for autumn this year.  


    Young Leosia is a Polish singer, rapper, songwriter and DJ. Her first songs were published in 2015 under the nickname ‘Sara’. In October 2020, together with Żabson, Beteo and Borucci, she released the single ‘ULALA’, that quickly gained great popularity in Polish streaming charts. She became widely recognized in 2021 with her single ‘Szklanki’, that was quickly featured in the top of Apple Music and Spotify charts. Soon after that, she produced the music video for the song, which had been viewed over 32 million times on YouTube by September 2021. The song was included in her debut album ‘Hulanki’, which was released on 23 September by the Internaziomale label.  



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What if Salt Wave Festival lasted all week?

Join us for our first trip together, the Salt Wave Camp. The week before the Festival starts, you can enjoy the kitesurfing under the supervision of qualified staff, join our daily sunset yoga routine and explore the undiscovered wonders of the Hel Peninsula. Sunny days and hot nights. Salty waves of the Baltic Sea and summer wind on the Bay of Puck.
Let’s chill out on the camping site and have fun at the Festival!



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KAMP! - Play Me Dirty (Salt Wave Sessions)
KAMP! - International Landscapes (Salt Wave Sessions)


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