A shy kid from the south coast discovered his gift while busking and never once looked back. Sam is unafraid to explore the key topics in his life. It’s little wonder that he’s amassed millions of streams, and a literal army of TikTok followers – his work digs deep, and communicates emotions we all feel, but sometimes can’t put into words. His recent achievement might be Sam’s most important to date. A seven-track project who do you pray to? is a revelatory experience, songwriting that emphasise both his maturity and his creative flexibility. It’s the sound of someone at ease – both with themselves, and their art.


    R’n’B artist, composer, songwriter and producer. The last of her three albums, IDeal (2022), was awarded a Fryderyk distinction as the Best Album of the Year in Soul, R’n’B, Gospel category. In the same year, she took part in the excellent cross-genre collaborations: Potrzeba skał (Król), 4REAL (Holak, Król) and Jak ich tu pokochać (Tymek). Apart from the music, the artist hosted her own Soul rider broadcast on Radio 357. She currently focuses on her next album Motherlode.


    Safario, or Kacper Tratkowski, musically moves around hip-hop, but it’s hard to lock him into just one frame. Above all, it’s a mix of huge energy and garage British playing. He was hailed as one of the most promising rappers of the English-speaking wave in Norway right after he released his debut EP KAPISKATE. The new album is a cocktail of all sources of inspiration for Safario. The artist combines saxophone solos, punk, house and pluggnb. His mosh pits from the first song, live concerts and distinctive sound are something you’ll never forget!


    In 2015 Jakub Tracz started to be known as Bass Astral and formed a duo with Igo that quickly gained popularity and was well recognized in the music industry. In the fall of 2021, the duo quitted their activity, and Bass Astral focused on solo work. In March 2022, his debut album entitled Techno do miłości was released. He is currently working on his new album Muzyka Taneczna and developing his skills in classical music


    Clara Cappagli and Armand Bultheel are back with a new album and a video game developed by Jonathan Coryn. Player Non Player (2023), the name of the latest release, touches many subjects such as invasion of intimacy, the need to escape defined boundaries, and even dragons. An immersive scenography produced by Alexandre Kontini (who has worked with Oklou and Bonnie Banane) will recreate the experience into the live show. A whole new world to discover!

  • BOKKA  

    BOKKA’s unconventional approach to image and music making, using unconventional instrumentation, often consisting of random objects, has quickly become their trademark. The band has been surprising for the past 10 years with its lively concerts, and stylistic voltages — from the nostalgic debut spotted by Pitchfork, to the energetic album Don’t Kiss And Tell, the cosmic Life On Planet B, and the apocalyptic Blood Moon. Remaining anonymous, they operate on their own unique terms. What will they surprise this time celebrating their 10th birthday? BOKKA HITS 10 will soon see the light of day!


    Crooked Colours are Philip Slabber, Leon De Baughn & Liam Merrett-Park from Perth, Western Australia. They formed in 2013 and have gone on to release two worldwide, critically acclaimed, albums ‘Vera’ in 2017 & ‘Langata’ in 2019. These albums include 2 x platinum award singles ‘Flow’ & ‘Do It Like You’ as well as 4 x gold accredited singles ‘I Hope You Get’, ‘I’ll Be There’, ‘Hold On’ & ‘Love Language’.


    One day, he decided to put everything on one card and focus on music, which is what he likes to do most in life. Maks Łapiński wrote his first song at the age of nine. Today he lists: in 2021 he played 52 concerts, in 2022 – 54. And this is just the beginning. The musician is hungry for musical adventures. In his life, he played under the balcony of a friend’s girlfriend to save their relationship. During a trip to Paris, he gave a concert at the Eiffel Tower, which ended with the intervention of the gendarmerie. It is rather hard to expect such attractions at a concert in Jastarnia. We can be sure, however, that his electrifying pop pieces will sound there with all their might.
  • JANN

    Extremely talented and sensitive twenty-four-year-old artist. He started his musical career in the early childhood. He used to sing at the National Opera in Warsaw, attended vocal faculties at the Flynn Performing Arts School in Newry and also at the prestigious London’s BIMM college. He is a countertenor, which is an extremely rare type of voice. Despite his classical training, he focuses on a high-profile pop-music and alternative in his work. He made his debut with the single Do you wanna come over? which delighted over a million listeners all around the world. On March 25, 2022, his debut album POWER was released by the FONOBO Label.


    Indie-rock tunes from the youth, a sip of cola on rocks, a bit of taste of the forbidden… Maciej and Paweł definitely have various recollections of their summers. One thing they have in common though, is discovering music throughout the endless summer days. During their concert, you may expect to experience such tunes as Artysta z ASP and Brejdaki. Those who have seen them live, know well that the Kacperczyk brothers are the real volcanoes of energy on stage!


    With over a decade of experience under her belt Monster is now rightfully taking the place among Europe’s best DJ. Showcasing her omnivorous taste for euphoric and fun music, Monster can be heard playing old school trance, techno, house, acid, breaks and everything in between, usually championing producers from her local Polish scene. Embracing the inner goddess of mischief, she’s also the mastermind behind Bathroom DJ Greatest Hits parody account on Instagram. she’s a member of Oramics, a Polish platform supporting women, non-binary and queer people in electronic music. Their actions came to worldwide attention thanks to the Total Solidarity compilation.   


    Lola Marsh, aka vocalist Yael Shoshana Cohen and multi-instrumentalist Gil Landau, create music that combines clever lyrics with deep warm harmonies. Their popularity crossed over to Hollywood and they co-wrote a song for the film Criminal and were featured in the hit TV series Better Call Saul, with a cover for Frank & Nancy Sinatra’s Something Stupid. In 2021 Lola Marsh collaborated with Garden City Movement and recorded the hit single Summer Night which was chosen to be part of the FIFA 22 Official Soundtrack. Shot Shot Cherry the band’s 3rd album was released in Fall 2022.


    Majli is an alias of Marta Malinowska. Her sound was heavily influenced by the melting pot of UK and NY’s early 10s bass music, where sweet R’n’B melodies would mix with ice-cold grime, and continues to evolve to this day, encompassing everything from hip hop through jungle to breakbeats. Being part of a collective Regime Young Majli quickly became one of the most influential people in the world of non-techno club music in Poland, known for her eclectic tastes blended into smooth mixes.  


    Joy as an act of resistance – that phrase has been coursing around Jack Garratt’s head recently. That state of mind has birthed a markedly new chapter for his sound, one that’s positive, urgent, and vibrant, bursting with colour and fun. This sonic direction has provided the perfect opportunity for him to hone his DJing skills, creating his own edits and flips of iconic tracks that he can mix his tracks into. – Things hurt. Why not take that and put it into a funky song that makes you want to dance. Let’s dance while the world is ending! – says Garratt


    If to the ball, only with him. This vacation in a new, summer version, but still delightful and thrilling to dance to. Ralph Kaminski is a singer, songwriter, composer, music producer and music video director. He creates music described as alternative pop, which has been appreciated all over Poland.


    Raised by the sea, Szczyl’s summer vibe is imprinted in his musical DNA. The rapper, described as the most interesting newcomer of recent years, finds a way to smuggle deep messages and bittersweet reflections in his songs. At concerts, like few artists, he is able to rock the audience in an unobtrusive way.

  • KAMP!

    The last few years of one of the most important bands of the domestic electronic scene have seen a return to stronger roots. KAMP! has changed the formula of concerts and abandoned playing hits to focus on a club narrative. This year, the group is embarking on its last tour, 360º ENDLESS PARTY, and after it ends…. ceases to exist. The concerts at Salt Wave Sessions and Salt Wave Festival will therefore be the few opportunities to hear the band live before the end of its career.


    Sincerity is at the core of everything he gets behind, the songwriter, who is often compared to Chet Faker. After a series of consistently released songs, collecting millions of streams along the way, Budapest-based Irish indie alt-pop artist O’SULLIVAN released his debut album this March. these are not songs, they are stories. Grammy-nominated Matt Colton (The Arctic Monkeys, Jungle, Michael Kiwanuka) is responsible for mastering the album.


    A hit entering the Polish music market is the original project of rapper Pleasant Atz and DJ and music manager Phunk’illa. The duo represents a cross-section of bass music from UK garage and bassline, to drum and bass and dubstep. Thanks to them, the aforementioned offshoots of UK sound have finally reached a wider audience in Poland, and two Munoluds statuettes only confirm the band’s success.

  • NIMM2

    DJ-producer duo specializing in indie disco with a touch of afro house and a penchant for melody. They have been swimming with the current since 2020, and are residents in Poznan clubs. They are distinguished by Michal’s innate optimism, talent and guitar, which Kuba reaches for every time. And why Nimm2? It’s sweet that everyone is asking this….


    KACHA is one half of the alternative duo Coals, and puts on eclectic sets full of latino sounds (neoperreo, reggaeton, cumbia, bachata) that mix with hyperpop, post-club, bubblegum bass, gabber, romanian popcorn and rage. Semprey, on the other hand, mixes eclectically. He cuts classic 4×4 like Jersey numbers. He juggles tempos. He spices things up with chart numbers. He has a knack for reworking pop numbers, turning them into his own original tracks where all his musical interests meet. The result is always an energetic bomb.




CAMPING SITE (for one person) 159 PLN

Available from 12.04.2023 (from 12.00 p.m.) until 26.04.2023 (11.59 a.m.) or until tickets are sold out.


CAMPING SITE (for one person) 179 PLN

Available from 26.04.2023 (from 12.00 p.m.) until do 21.07.2023 (11.59 a.m.) or until tickets are sold out.


CAMPING SITE (for one person)199 PLN

Available from 21.07.2023 (from 12.00 p.m.) or until tickets are sold out.

Information on one day tickets will be announced soon. Children up to the age of 6 (including 6 years old children — document confirming age is mandatory) may participate in the event free of charge when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who holds a valid ticket.



Sunny days and roasting-hot nights. Salty waves of the Baltic Sea and sunny breeze in The Bay of Puck. What if Salt Wave Festival lasted throughout the week?

This may come true – just join the Salt Wave Camp powered by Porsche, involving Aaron Hadlow, Reno Romeu and Rita Arnaus!

One week before the Festival, you can try surfing or kitesurfing under the supervision of qualified staff, join our daily sunset yoga routine, explore the undiscovered wonders of the Hel Peninsula or spend the evening in the iconic Żeglarz cinema.

Unforgettable experiences will be also provided by our partner, Porsche Polska.

Let’s chill out on the camping site and have fun at the festival!




Salt Wave Sessions by SmoothSail Music 

The festival sounds will be heard a bit earlier this year, on June 11, all thanks to a concert from the series of the Salt Wave Sessions on a 14-meter sailboat under the Gdansk flag.

A cruise on the Motlawa River 
with the participation of the KAMP! band,
whose route will include the very center of the city, will also be a preview of the event planned
for the first weekend of August. 


Salt Wave Sessions x Chałupy 6 

Three weeks before the Salt Wave Festival, together with the event's friend Chalupy 6,

we invite you to a musical warm-up! Salt Wave Sessions x Chalupy 6 is a joint series of weekend concerts under the auspices of Chillizet radio.

Faustyna Maciejczuk, a rebel by choice who has always been looking for expression in music, will perform on July 14. Admission is free!


Salt Wave Sessions x Chałupy 6

On July 21, as part of the Salt Wave Sessions x Chalupy 6 series, Miętha, a duo created by rapper Skip and producer AWGS, will perform. Admission is free!

Six months - that's how long it took the musicians to get to know each other before they started writing and recording their debut album Audioportrait and...
the entire creative process. The band offers fresh, distinctive and organic playing, enhanced by Skip's surprising stage vocal abilities.


Salt Wave Sessions x Chałupy 6

The third and final concert in the series will be a performance by The Cassino (28.07), an indie rock trio that thrills crowds. Admission is free!

In addition to the album ‘Części’ the band has three EPs to its credit. In the spring of 2022, the group completed its first tour, successfully selling out clubs in major cities.

The young artists were also recognized at the PL Music Video Awards, receiving a nomination in the best rock video category. Currently, The Cassino is working on new material.


Salt Wave Sessions

JACK BOTTS, or... a breath of fresh air and surf folk doused in Australian sunshine
Known for his coastal, folk sounds and laid-back approach to van life, Jack Botts made his name in the Australian consciousness very quickly.
In just a few years on the scene, he has been recognized as a multi-talented musician and hailed as one of the country's fastest growing artists.
The artist can soon be heard at several concerts in Poland organized under the Salt Wave Sessions banner.

KAMP! - Denali Denali (Salt Wave Sessions)
KAMP! - Play Me Dirty (Salt Wave Sessions)
KAMP! - International Landscapes (Salt Wave Sessions)


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